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Origin8 Crawler
$999.99 - $1,474.99 $1,474.99 Up To 32% Savings
Explore uncharted terrain with Origin-8's Crawler. This fat bike floats over soft surfaces like sand and snow, crawls over rocks, and makes short work of difficult terrain that would chew up a regular bike. This rugged workhorse boasts NuVinci's Planetary internally geared rear hub for incredibly smooth shifting. It lets you shift effortlessly at any time, even while sitting still and has plenty of range to help you get over almost any obstacle. Beefy, Origin-8 Devist8er tires provide plenty of grip and an enormous 4-inch wide footprint, while powerful, reliable Avid BB-7 discs deliver excellent stopping power. Finished off with a slew of excellent components from Origin-8, the Crawler is an excellent introduction into fat bikes that doesn't require a fat wallet.
Mavic Crossmax Pro Shoes
$152.99 - $249.99 $249.99 Up To 39% Savings
Made for cross-country with performance you'll appreciate, the Crossmax Pro shoe inspires fast rides. The Energy Grip Terra Carbon outsole drives power to the pedals, and Mavic's dual Ergo Dials offer precise tightening around the foot for optimal fit and comfort. An Ortholite footbed and Endofit tongue provide extra support and stability, giving you the confidence to push your limits on every ride.
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